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Choosing the Right IT Solution

"In theory, selecting the right IT solution is simple – it’s the one which has an exact fit to deliver our requirements and desired business benefits. But in practice exact-fits are very rare."

At Salar we have decades of experience helping organisations refine their needs into clear, realistic and unambiguous requirements definitions – navigating risks and making the right selections when embarking on new IT projects.

The key is to clearly understand the scope of what we are trying to achieve and strictly adhering to it. But not every requirement is a ‘must-have’ and there should be some permissible level of tolerance and prioritisation in the definition of requirements. Having tolerance and prioritisation reduces the risk of overkill and widens the field of opportunity from a greater range of solutions – thus increasing the chance of a closer fit and a better all-round solution.


Having experience on your side will go a long way to getting it right from the outset. It’s unlikely that the required benefits will be fully achieved if we don’t have an early  grasp of the full costs, timescales and risks of new projects.


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