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A Justified Business Case

"All business change starts with an idea - an idea which is anticipated to provide added value, efficiency, greater profits or enhanced viability."


At Salar, we have the experience to help develop an understanding of the ‘WHY’. Using common-sense, an independent-viewpoint and best-practice methods, we can help to form clear a business justification process to ensure a solid foundation for your business IT change journey.

In some cases we are forced into change by legal requirements, and in others we see a need to reduce a business risk or to take advantage of an opportunity. Whatever the reason, it’s important to clearly understand the expected benefits - and even when we are forced into seeking change, we should still methodically analyse a justifiable business case. It may seem obvious, but stepping-back, taking-stock and clearly understanding all the drivers for change helps us to begin the journey on the right foot – giving us a solid foundation for deciding on the best path forward.  Taking a frank and methodical approach from the outset will clearly guide our future decisions and in some cases – even deciding not to change.

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