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The Right Team

"Building the right team with the right skills - supported with a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and accountability is key to delivering successful IT projects."

At Salar we understand the need to keep the business running while progressing successful business change. Using experienced independent help to design your project team is a reliable way to get started. Ensuring that everyone on the project team clearly understands their roles and responsibilities will ensure accountability towards achieving a successful outcome. It also places a healthy defence against premature solution selection, ensuring that the outcome of projects is led by genuine business need and not from a narrow view of potential options.

Whether the project team is comprised of internal staff, systems suppliers or IT specialists; the knowledge, experience and commitment of these people will determine a project’s outcome and most importantly the realisation of genuine business benefits. In busy organisations it’s often challenging to extract the best people from their day-to-day activities of running the business. Salar can help to design and support the project team with appropriate levels of delegation, minimising key staff involvement, while maximising development and growth for the less experienced.

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