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IT Project Planning

"Delivering change can seem complex and intimidating – but it need not be. Effective construction and execution of plans are fundamental requirements of successful project delivery."

At Salar we use proven methods to plan and deliver IT projects. With an understanding of the the business, these methods can be tailored and scaled to fit any size of project in terms of complexity, risk or budget. 

A good plan will help us understand how delivery will be achieved, how much it will cost and when the benefits will be realised. But it’s not enough just to draw up a plan at the beginning of a project. As projects progress, even the best plans lose their value if they are not regularly updated, challenged and reviewed.


Breaking down delivery into logical and manageable segments is the first step of good planning. Starting from a known position allows us to effectively understand and report on progress as the project proceeds. Projects with greater complexity or higher business risks are best broken down into a greater number of smaller steps so that risk can be reduced and controlled.


As plans progress, we often become aware of newly desirable changes or features we wish to include in our projects. Changing plans mid-flight is potentially hazardous and can introduce additional complexity and cost, which can put our overall project at risk of failing to deliver our original needs. As long as mid-project change is handled in a controlled manner, then change can be introduced and provide additional benefit.


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